PlanNorth is seeking the opportunity to acknowledge and recognize a “star” of the community. We are looking for someone who always lends a helping hand to others within the community. The winner will be an individual who shows incredible work ethic, integrity, and leads by example. PlanNorth intends to recognize an individual who has given back to the community through their dedication to their job, profession, and team, by looking for opportunities to go above and beyond. 

The purpose of PlanNorth is to create wonderful opportunities for INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE through a design community.  Whether that’s career advancement, support in professional development, the ability to focus on a specialty area, or balancing parenthood with career…we believe that in this environment lies the opportunity to develop your potential in an incredible way.  At PlanNorth you will be working with smart, hardworking people on meaningful projects and creating space for our biggest gift in life: our families, friends, and time. 

PlanNorth is team of experts in Architecture. Every day we push ourselves to next-level creativity,
innovation, and accuracy. Our Top Twenty culture is built on having fun, sharing what we know, treating our projects like they were our own, giving back generously, and uniting people during a challenge. Our firm is built one elite-level industry expert at a time, with an unparalleled commitment to the success of every building project and each individual team member.

Fundamental to the PlanNorth culture is to give back generously. The industry benchmark for architectural firms is a widely recognized goal of giving back 1% through In-kind services only. PlanNorth’s average In-kind contributions to the community are more than double the industry goal.

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2021 Community Contribution Effort

To wrap up a vibrant summer of learning, PlanNorth interns led the way on a full-time community contribution effort during the last week of August.  Masters-level soon-to-be architecture graduates participating in PlanNorth’s summer internship program were given the opportunity to experience all the things that a professional architect would do to kick off a project:  Meeting with the owners, identifying needs, creating a project plan, meeting with local authorities, and designing concepts to satisfy the owner’s objectives.

Three recipients in the community were chosen by PlanNorth to participate in the program:  Mt. Rose Missionary Baptist Church (the oldest African American Church in Brenham), Faith Mission, and small business and local hotspot, The Yard.

Each organization was chosen based on merit and its history of giving back to the community over time.  For one solid week, PlanNorth’s interns on payroll worked solely on these projects under the direction of principal architects on staff and presented their designs to the recipients at the end of this packed week of fun and learning!  Each recipient group received digital files and drawings for their use in growing their organizations, projects, and capital campaigns.  They also received letters of recommendation from local established business owners and leaders.